A side-view wide-angle camera takes images and performs inspections across a wide area, even if the camera is close to the workpiece. Perfect for mounting the sensor in locations with limited space. It was designed for the purpose of standardizing scientific and industrial video products including cameras, cables and frame grabbers. It has become common to manage information by directly marking codes on products. Photographic lens and film resolution are most often quoted in line pairs per millimeter. Manage your cookie settings here.

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Dark areas around characters, such as bar codes, are removed to achieve stable reading. All-in-one Sensors tend to be limited in field of view variations, but we offer a lineup ranging from 7. All you need to do is select the camera based on the field of view and installation distance that you require.

Resolution 2 x – x x vamera x x 1 – x 2 x – x x 1 – x 2 x – x x 1 – x 1. Reading is performed for the specified number of times for the same scene. This helps reduce the design work required for data communications between the Sensor and a PLC.

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Please accept our apologies and try again later. Reading is performed for the specified number of times for the same scene. Special fonts are difficult to read with the default settings, but add them to the dictionary and the FQ2 provides reliable readings.

The Sensor can measure angles of rotation and other position information, so it can also be used for positioning. With the FQ2-S4, you camra also compare against the character strings read from bar codes or 2D codes. This inspection item measures the area and mroon position of the specified color.


You can automatically retry reading while changing the exposure time and other reading conditions, even for changing workpieces or environments, to enable a stable reading. Email address Email error notification Password Please use more than 6 characters. Reading is performed for the same scene while changing the exposure time in stages.

Axis alignment is also not required because the lighting and the camera are integrated into a single unit. This type of search is used to detect items like labels, identify shapes, or positions.

We use cookies to provide you with the best possible experience on our website Click ‘Accept’ to accept cookies and continue browsing this site. The frames are continuously mrpn to a computer that joins them to each other and makes an image. This helps you reduce costs and save space. With this communications interface, no communications controls are required to process the sending and receiving of mroh TCP packets.

Omron ZFXSC90W Color Camera With Lighting, 1/3 in CCD Capture Element

At a minimum, Camera Link uses 28 bits to represent up to 24 bits of pixel data and 3 bits for video sync signals, leaving one spare bit. Thank you for registering An email to complete your account has been sent to Return to the website.

To deserialize the data, a shift register and counter may be employed. This is a standard search inspection item. Just install the Cameras where mrron need them.


Omron F150S1A Camera Without Lens, 1/3 in CCD Capture Element

Even if printing is distorted or unclear due to conveyor line conditions, a unique reading method with a built-in dictionary enables stable reading of characters. Please log in or get direct access to download this document. Erosion and dilation can be combined to connect dots without changing the dot thickness. Refer to Catalog for details. This also enables the Sensor to be installed alongside an assembly line without protruding in order to perform inspections from the side of the conveyor belt.

Omron ZFXSC90W Color Camera With Lighting, 1/3 in CCD Capture Element Buy from Cross

Inspections can be performed that compare the difference in color between the workpiece and a registered image of a good product to detect objects and foreign matter.

OCR and Code Reading caera items can be combined to read codes and verify them against character strings all within the FQ2. Click here to reset. Features Lineup Specifications Dimensions Catalog. Expanded performance and functionality. This inspection item counts how many labels there are of the specified color and size and measures the area or center position of the specified label.