This is one of the most talked about feature of the G line of video cards. However, you can still choose to use other software DVD players to obtain better features, but with a price. For professionals, the dual display feature helps improve productivity by doubling up your display workspace. The chip had 3 pixel pipelines with 3 texture units each. Matrox G drivers 5. Matrox was known for their quality analog display output on prior cards and the G is no exception.

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This increases the efficiency and bandwidth of data flow within the chip to each of its functional units. With regard to its hardware, G’s triangle fraphics engine, called the “Warp Engine” ironically, was somewhat slower than the counterparts aboard the competition’s cards. It added some new features to DualHead that worked with Internet Explorer to make pages show up on both screens at once. There are several more settings available if you enable DualHead display.

The OpenGL drivers are still not as matured as I’d like it to be, and there are certainly a lot more that could be done to improve the OpenGL performance. Some product g4000 that I know never even matured after the product was delivered into the market many many months ago. Matrox was known for their quality analog display output on prior cards and the G is no exception. However, the boxed retail miplennium for the GMax have only just arrived. Ok, ok, I know some of you are getting overloaded already, but just bear with this for another second.

Matrox Millenium G Max DualHead AGP

This is because the chip could get pretty hot as it is required to handle the second display at higher refresh rates than other similar chips used in other cards. This means Singapore is only a few weeks to a month behind, which is bad enough for those who will g4000 to wait for the product to arrive, only to find out that in another weeks later, the product would have been obsoleted by another new product emerging in the market.


This shows that the GMax is actually using the VCQ2 rendering engine which renders 3D graphics at bit and then dithered down to bit. G’s 3D engine consists of 2 parallel pixel pipelines with 1 texture unit each, providing single-pass dual-texturing capability.

Judging from the range of mouth-watering features, we can see this card is indeed packed with a lot of new features that will excite not only gamers, but also users who seek ag; increase work productivity.

Matrox Millennium G graphics card – MGA G – 16 MB Overview – CNET

Good utility to have to help check if you have all the latest softwares installed. On the other hand, you can also choose to use the second display adapter to do Multi-Display, thus enlarging your desktop area. It basically test the system if DirectX 6.

A Matrox user going by name Adis hacked original drivers to make the card work under Windows Now, let me go through some of the more interesting ones. Matrox took the technology developed from the Millennihm project, refined it, and basically doubled it up to form the G processor. However, do note that the Max version only began shipping in the US sometime mid of August.


HP Matrox Millenium G400 Dual Head (AGP 4x, 16MB)

At the time when the G was tested the driver version was 5. Internally the G is a bit processor, graphicd what Matrox calls a “DualBus” architecture.

Again we see the G trailing only a little behind the G Max. The Matrox PowerDesk taskbar icon is already a matroc in every Matrox video card products. Thus, do not expect any support for 4 speakers or more. Submit your views to this review here.

Comparing its output quality with the Creative TNT2 Ultra, the GMax is certainly the better choice in terms of video quality as well as TV-output clarity and sharpness.

The Options tab allows you to enable certain performance options, such as polygon acceleration, device bitmaps caching, bus mastering and bit Z-buffering. Matrox G drivers 5. The goal was to prevent dithering and other artifacts caused by inadequate precision when performing calculations.

The G Max performed well throughout all matrrox different resolutions, with little drop in frame rates in various resolutions, unlike the TNT2-Ultra. The place to find device driver updates.

Matrox’s award-winning Powerdesk display drivers and control panel integrated Dualhead in a very flexible and functional way that become world-renowned for its millenniu. Drivers for older operating systems Windows 95, Window 3.

Besides these features, the 0. You can have an opened spreadsheet on one display, and your favourite word processor on another.