English Edit question Status: Posted February 18, If anyone can help I will appreciate it. Posted August 31, Rebooted without unplugging power cable and still works perfect. I need to get this machine back online.

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I asked myself, if there is kind of a TaskManager like in Windows, to manage the processes for the different cores. I isntalled the kext yesterday and used it for more than two hs. I did try the kext anyway but nothing. Im new to OS X I do own a macbook though so can someone piece all these directions together for a “clean cut” installation procedure? Right now it is not possible to change the MTU size default or use Jumbo packets.

For some reason the MAC address is ‘locked’, this should be solved in a new release. Giga,an can’t download large files without system halt.

But it only says no lan cable found Sign In Sign Up. So i selected it, and so far it has worked perfectly. I’m marvelo with windows, so bear with me.


Before I forget, thanks to the guys how worked on the forcedeth driver, using their framework made things a lot easier! No freezing and I always have internet! And the multithreating problem is solved, or am I wrong?

[SOLVED] Marvell 88E Ethernet controller not detected – CentOS

PS magvell You don’t even have to unplug your computer. Let me know if you had any success! Your work here is awsome! It works, but every time i try to download something the system freezes and asks for reboot. So, I tried downloading the kext, 88e1166 installing it with kext helper, which did the job of the using the terminal for me. You would need to modify the configuration of the OS to make it stick.

Integrated Marvell 88E116 Gigalan Drivers

Just followed the insturctions and the driver works perfectly on iDeneb Leopard The ethernet is up and running though. Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Is there a fix for this or known issues? It had the driver right there in the install dvd. Please help me is there any driver for Realtek RTL?

Vista give drivers for the Marvell 88E gigabit lan controller? | [H]ard|Forum

Register a new account. Internet is working with 2 cores! I have a M2NSLI Deluxe, and this mobo is especially complicated because nvidia does not produce good chipsets for amd, they work for intel.


I’m not entirely sure what mine are the result of.

Posted September 8, I’m at work do not have all of the specks on my mod, But I’m using. I need to get this machine back online.

Because then we were able to set the activity of the Ethernet. The network ports should be 1gb, however Ubuntu is showing mb not 1gb.

I am fairly new to the scene but I’ve gotten alot of experience with this stuff in the past few days Ive installed and messed around with like 5 distros in the past week. Posted August 31,