User Manual October 26, V1. Revision H 23 Appendix A: The installation USB flash drive. We provide coast-tocoast, and toll-free, support from 8 AM to 5 PM. Choose the device for configuration from the device list.

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Installation and Operation Guide – PDF

Illustration 4 Windows XP search options 4. On the same IP subnet as one of the routers. Additional topics in this section include the following: This equipment has been tested and.

If you are experiencing communications. Double click the file Ftdiunin. Sections in this manual include the following topics: Connection may be made either through a Netsensor or directly to the controller. Describe and configure a BACnet router, connect to an internetwork and work kmd-5756 3rd party equipment and analysis tools.

Key Features and More information. Be sure to read this guide and any kmd-55576 manuals carefully. Follow the on-screen installation instructions and the instructions in the BACstage installation manual.


Use the phone cord included to connect to the phone jack More information. Setting Max Master lower than the highest numbered device will result in devices not appearing on the wincows. Features and Benefits Full support for Windows-based software Low. Placing BACstage on a network. Installation instructions for Windows More information. Parity, length, and stop bits.

What you need to know This manual assumes your familiarity with the following subjects: Connect the controller to a computer running BACstage. If the prompt opens, always restart your computer before using the USB communicator. Connections to half-routers from other vendors may require different values. Windows automatically assigns a port number to the USB communicator.

Dialed When checked, BACdoor establishes a PTP link using an installed modem which can then dial a modem connected to another half-router. Valid rates are, and Accurately describe and create programs using Control Basic language, given a copy of BACstage and relevant reference materials. If the internetwork uses BACnet Choose the system to which the controller is connected.


BAC-5000 Installation and Getting Started Guide

BACstage is a software configuration tool with which a controls technician can configure BACnet controllers. The principles of BACnet systems and internetworks. Set the baud rate to the same rate as the controller connected for configuration. Click Close to return to BACstage.

These students may choose to participate in our remediation program which allows students to retake one or both portions of the final exam. Follow the directions for one of the following operating systems. Extending the cable More information. Illustration 12 Windows windosw installation complete 12 Revision A.