This MB digital media player makes it easy for you to load a myriad of sound clips and song titles for your entertainment needs with its large media storage capacity. The Cowon iAUDIO G3 music player is designed to organize as many as tracks, allowing you to transfer a large amount of music onto it. The X5 includes a color screen on the unit. It now supports up to Q8 with V1. Enjoy rich text, menus, and visual details with comfort and clarity with the 1. Battery Life Details Usage Mode. Sync up with a computer and organize your tracks with the USB 2.

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Navigating your music directory and switching between playback, recording, and FM radio modes is also not a huge chore, thanks to the aforementioned user-friendly joystick.

It was the first digital audio player to feature a 0. Battery Life Details Usage Mode. Apple’s iPod Touch gives you a good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, This issue was rectified by the rapid recall of all faulty iaudii and free replacements. We’ve changed, we promise. The Bad Fragile construction; pricey.

What’s more, you can enjoy bright and clear graphics, visual details, and menus with comfort and clarity because this Cowon MP4 features a 1. iauudio

Cowon iAUDIO G3 White ( 1 GB ) Digital Media Player

Laptops by John Falcone May 21, They also tend to have more features and larger screens and are overall easier isudio use. This MB digital media player is compatible with MP3s, which allows you to choose from a large selection of songs accessible from many different sources. This Cowon MB MP4 is capable of handling approximately tunes, allowing you to transfer all your favorite albums onto it. But if you’re still in the market for a dedicated music player, there laudio still some worthy options out there.


Make a mini boombox by Donald Bell.

As with all iAUDIO devices, there was no need izudio the use of software, since the U3 was a UMS device though additional software was required to take advantage of some features, such as converting video to the right format to be played back on the player. We list the reasons they’re on thin ice — and suggest how they can be saved.

Cowon announced in May that the X5 series had been discontinued.

This Cowon MP4 is nimble and ultra-light, at 1. It was produced in Korea. Most reviewers also regarded it as having a higher build quality. gg3

The “L” version of the player is a little thicker and heavier though and costs slightly more. There’s also an “L” version available, which features enhanced battery life. The unit has exactly the same physical and technical specifications as the original iAUDIO 9, except for a slightly larger internal speaker and JetEffect v.

This article needs additional citations for verification. The player has enough volume to block out the majority of city noises, and the FM radio delivers clean reception. And while we’re largely impressed with this great-sounding device, we do voice some concern over its less than durable design.


Finally, most use rechargeable batteries usually lasting 8 to 20 hours per charge that you can’t replace yourself, so after several years, you might have to pay for a new model or pay to get the battery replaced. They’re smaller and lighter than high-capacity players but still hold more tunes than flash-based models with the same price.

They store all your music on one device. Skip to main content. You also get pair of eerily familiar-looking white earbuds, which actually handle high sound levels better than most we’ve heard. File-transfer speeds reached an average of 1.

Cowon iAudio G3 review: Cowon iAudio G3 – CNET

In particular, the battery cover and the flap that hides the USB port feel iausio if they might break after extended use. And thanks to a 95dB signal-to-noise ratio, digital tunes produced rich sound with little noticeable background hiss. USB, audio line-in, headphones.