And it’s been more than Providing good data rate, due to relatively rapid filling, versatile solutions for small business and home networks can not even sophisticated users can easily take advantage of access to any information sources, corporate network or the Internet. Digital lines E1 and E3 have a data transfer rate , respectively, 2. If the problem is only happening when trying to go to specific websites, it could be a software problem. In the modern organization as a workplace, and in many cases, leisure after work, have virtually become an integral part of the means of information transfer. Subscribe via RSS Enter your email address: From here you can create the name and password for the wireless network.

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Collection of characteristics was made according to information provided by the manufacturer’s website and on the actual capabilities of the built-in WEB interface test ADSL router. Conducted a small quantitative comparison of communication technologies. Have a rest Consumer game Request review Is your opinion valuable? Unlike many similar modems it has both Ethernet and USB connectivity, giving you the power of choice in how to connect it to your computer. It costed me about 50 euro and i gotta say that it wasn’t worth the price i had to pay for it.

With access to the equipment fairly well as a router and firewall, it can rightly be regarded as a compact hardware implementation of the access server to the network segment. I, using it regularly, have certainly noticed some positive points and some negative ones that I would share with you here. I am totally satisfied with its performance and recommend it for all those who want to connect it on the net through the broadband.


I plugged the modem straight into my Typically, they allow, with proper tuning of its fully protect against all kinds of intrusions, interference, hacking and attacks on information circulating or stored on your local network segment.

Suggestive phrase “movement is life” can be supplemented with “a life – is information. Unlike with the older Motorola models, sometimes, Summing up the possibility of internal software, we can talk about the normal equipment huaei the firmware, how to position the device in the segment of business solutions to small load on the network communications.

If the problem is only happening when trying to go to specific websites, it could be a software problem.

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It is Surfboard series. Visitors Feedjit Live Blog Stats. Sidenotes Want to buy Gift it to me. But at the same time, the speed of data transmission from the user is still significantly higher than when using an analog modem.

Huawei SmartAX MT880

However, once you have it connected to your router, open a browser and enter Other than providing me fast connectiivty it also gives an excellent user interface. However, if you changed it, you need to enter the IP address here. You will then have an option to set the password.

Price To Buy or Not to Buy? I have an internet connection because I work at home using the internet.


This would depend on your internet provider. I was a bit wary and skeptical even at branded product as my previous dial up modems,Thunderbird and 3Com US Robotics brands broke down Not only does the phone line not go at 4. Select Access control, and then click on host. Here there is a lot of relevant technologies and capabilities, but along with a fairly extensive set external firewall is the absence of filtering by MAC address, and limit access to certain URL. To Buy or Not to Buy?

However, you have to be more specific. The modem has been constantly running for about 6 years now if I don’t remember it wrong.

Outer packaging is made of thick cardboard, c good quality design and stand out the model name and the name of the manufacturer.

On the right side there is a sticker with the serial number and distinguishing information is this particular model. The ZyXEL modem has a place to plug in your phone huzwei and power supply, and an ethernet port to plug into your computer or a router. All done in a strict conservative style without so characteristic of today’s market slogans and attract numbers often do not speak to the user, but inspire the superiority of this particular product with its size.