Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Maplestory subscribe unsubscribe 42, readers users here now Need a guide? Hacker “A” discovers a method to get an APEX and use it without the server deleting the item from the players bag, this happens enough until Trion or the players report it, Trion then examine the activity and develop a pattern for it or a detection method depending on the type of anti cheat, this is then scheduled for addition to Shield, during the next main update this gets pushed out to all players and then anyone attempting it again gets detected and flagged for a ban. Even after I had added an exception for the entire Archeage and Glyph folders. Probably best to say meh and just drop my cash on another game from the look of the forums actually!

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Originally Posted by Vidoy. See you soon, hopefully.

Page 45 of 50 First Reinstall did nothing sadly. Gamelauncher may cause an error Please comment if you have other methods and upvote this for visibility. I would like to canhot how we made the mistake.

Can some1 upload their ”updated” hackshield folder? HackShield is a bit like this: HackShield is a very poor tool.


I think most if not all of the anti-hack measures Trion takes don’t involve HackShield at all. I can logg now without this methodtried this method 1h agodidn’t work. All times are GMT As you can imagine all of this takes time, factor in that the whole development team either at Trion or XL is not working on this, it’s probably a much smaller group of around people at a push, that’s a handful of people that are trying to catch exploits and cheats being created and tried by literally hundreds of players, not to mention all the false reports that they have to wade through.


I am not going to lose my 5 years worth of hard earned and payed for armor and weapons. Imagine what this game would have been like at release without hackshield. Now,I got a new problem: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic harassment, fighting, or rude posts.

why hack shield no stop hackers

Go to the Spain forums and just do google chrome or translate and it is easy if you guys need hackshiels translating them skype nick crazykidgian msn gianss hotmail.

International ArcheAge RP community. Game does not start after hackshield.

Someone have a idea how to reapair that Error? Recognizing patterns that point to hack use. Someone have a idea how to reapair that Error? All times are GMT If you still have problems it would help to add HSUpdate.


Post anything not related to MapleStory Shitpost or post image macros Post your level achievement: I personally probably won’t stay in the new servers if this is what we get to look forward to.


In the meantime Trion also come up with a method to scan their user tegister and look for paterns that indicate the use of this regjster prior to the hackdhield update and any the find they investigate and eventually deal with. I’ve tried to download a new HackShield and replace it, but it didn’t work.

It looks fancy enough with it’s rootkit and all and it messes with enough normal users to make it look registter and functional. I just fixed this problem, I dont know if it also fixes yours. The ratings icon is a registered trademark of the Entertainment Software Association. Please send the detailed information through AhnReport.

Method to solve HackShield Update.

I tried all of the suggestions other than downloading the launcher from the site, and none hackshielv them changed anything. They can never write a bit of software that stops hacking as the people who write the hacking software do so for fun and as soon as XL games develop a way to detect the hacking program the hackers change the software.

Hi does anyone know how to fix the Thermida 0x12b problem?