Originally Posted by Coop. I believe that the best type of card right now for range is probably an ultra-sensitive “B” card, with external antenna jack. If the unit was in ap mode it will default to The heat generated is not well removed by most laptops, and this has had 2 results for me – Less than 1 year of life for most cards, and I ended up burning out the RAM in my old laptop from heat my perception. If so, to what end? Software Support Besides the aforementioned hostap drivers, the Senao card requires the Wireless Tools utilities. Select correct COM port.

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After reading way more eenao than is healthy, I decided to go with the Wistron CB-9 for my brother’s laptop, and the Wistron CM-9 for my laptop.

I believe that the best type enfenius card right now for range is probably an ultra-sensitive “B” card, with external antenna jack. Even if the drivers have already been installed from the cd, Windows Update seems to replace those drivers with new ones. First check you power cube make sure it is set to v they ship at v.

Wireless LAN Installation Tips

Same goes for Linux support. Is this a mistake? Atheros chipsets are very well supported all work perfectly fine on Ubuntu 6. My laptop has antennas built in so it gets a lot better signal than any pcmcia I’ve tried.


Here is a guide on zenao to set up Universal Wireless Repeater. You only need to attach ONE antenna to this card to have it work properly. After the device reboots, all settings will be at factory default.

Configuration utility language changes to Spanish once driver and card are installed and system is rebooted.

Each of these cards has a high receive sensitivity, and though they will mostly be used in Windows, I would like some Linux compatibility. I want something extremely sensitive, which is pretty much win-win.

Why do I need to use WiFi access points can’t I just use multiple low cost routers? I have been comparing various chipsets, and these three seem to be favorites: Also, I am looking for an internal, miniPCI solution.

carr A lot better than the broadcom based pcmcia card I used before that. Type “reboot”, then hit enter. Unknown device Flags: It still works fine with the hostap driversthough. It works with To increase the power output to mW go to wireless advanced setting and change output power level to extreme.

Using a Senao NL-2511CD Wireless Card With Linux

The other thing is which generation of Atheros chipset is best? After the HyperTerminal window appears: Note that there are seperate hostap packages for different kernel versions.


My CB3 is acting funny how can I reset it to the factory defaults? Wait until the ” ” is displayed in the HyperTerminal window.

Keenan Systems Wireless Store – Engenius Senao MMCX clip on antenna

Yes on some of them we have information here. The wireless interface on a router is designed for home use and only a few cpmcia when you put into a environment with many users it will quickly lock up. Gold, Silver, and Bronze cards These have both an internal antenna and an external antenna jack, are tried and true in both Windows and Linux, and can 2511cdpluw had for not too much money online. Now, I know it has the chipset. The injector does not need to support I have owned this thing for about 6 months now.

You can also use high powered client bridge with a computer having a ethernet connection no drivers are required so any OS will work.