As far as I could see the following is the event sequence instance of modules in Qt4. If you feel that that this is wrong, please let me know. I have an input device touch working as HID mouse that sends linux input events in the following sequence:. We can try cath some plp from directfb on irc. Do you see any difference if you e.

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Ljnux only difference between the 2 controllers is the firmware version – the sequence it outputs the events. Allocated x 32 bit LUT8 buffer index 0 at offset 0 and pitch Table of Contents Introduction.

Resources like display layers or input devices can be locked for exclusive access, e.

Hi, Did you try to take a look at the qlinuxinput. Due to the Button press being dispatched before the XY ABS move, and the Button release on the new position, Qt does not detect a Button click and instead is marking the area. By earth in forum Qt for Embedded and Mobile. The more I am amazed that Qt reorders or still shows the order the events come in from the device.


DirectFB on iMX53

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Free and open-source software portal. Power Button CM 2 0. Do you see any difference if you e. My configure line is like: Logitech USB Receiver 2 0.

directfbrc – DirectFB configuration file – Linux Man Pages (5)

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Because I can’t get back to the console I don’t see any error messages assuming there is one. Now the click on a new location with the new one: However, In Qt I still receive the very linu sequence of events as before and therefore still have the same issue.

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If the primary surface is single buffered, any operation to this primary surface is directly visible to the screen. And I guess you are locked to that old version of Qt? DirectFB has its own resource management for video memory.

As far as I could see the following is the event sequence instance of modules in Qt4. When I added correct library path for compiler with -L option it worked just fine Apple Computer Apple Internal K 5 0. This is because I plan to use DirectFB from code that is not launched from commandline. Input 16 PC Speaker Type: Here is the man page online with all the available options you can put in diretfbrc file.


PC Speaker 7 0. If someone has any idea or a hint how to solve this or why even with reordered dispatching in DFB Qt still shows the old sequence Apparently I or Ubuntu had an old DirectFB in some system lib path and it was linked instead of the later version.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Most of embedded devices have more than one dirsctfb.

Switched to x virtual x at 32 bit ARGBpitch !!! I know the difference between the 2 devices.