Use the following link to download the same, recent source version that I’m using and have tested and verified to be functional with my devices which may not necessarily be the absolute ‘latest’ version. I can’t help you if I don’t know what you’re using and where in the process you ran into errors. For instance features are often left out, bugs go unfixed, and what support does exist from the manufacture may be fleeting. If you’re having trouble mounting the media or copying the source tarball file to your home directory then see the troubleshooting section for this. The PW should be of 10 or 13 characters lenght. Wireless, ACX driver installation When i connect with my wep key, the network icon just dissapears, and when i click firefox then it freezes everytime.

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Known unsupported chipsets are at the end of each list. Deiban, ACX driver installation So, your interface is working! Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump debizn page: Everything went fine but i can’t connect to my wireless connection, so i browsed around on these forums and did iwconfig, and it said my wireless connection isn’t supported, or something like that.

By now, you have your device nicely working and are enjoying some wireless freedom in Linux, congratulations.

Use your network-interface to connect to the WLAN. Having said that, it’s time to identify your device. Note acz the below configuration methods are not compatible with the “local” method outlined above, so try only one at a time.

At this point it’s time to go back to being the root user, so once again type: Moving old drivers out dwbian the way If an older driver debkan found on your system above and you’d like to move it out of the way, then type: In both cases the driver is the original one, from the installation CD, installed with ndiswrapper given from the ubuntu distribution for Puppy i used Puppy’s SMS taking care to choose the XP driver the others don’t work.


If you’ve already compiled some other kernel module, or an older version of the acx source code before on your current Linux installation, then your build axx is most likely fine, and outside of verifying the presence of the wireless tools, this step is not necessary, so you can skip ahead if you like.

This is my updated guide for new Linux users who have Texas Instruments’ acx or acx based devices and would like them to become functional. If, once booted to Linux you deebian have any internet access then you’ll need to download the source code for the driver we are going to build ahead of time using whatever facility you’re using to view this document.

If you’ve come to this section of the Troubleshooting area it can only mean you’re having trouble either finding and running your distro’s ‘package manager’ or trouble using it to determine whether the kernel-source, development and wireless-tools packages are installed or having trouble using it to install them.

You’ll need to first create the directory where they need to be installed, type: November 21st, 2. November 22nd, 4. For ACXspecific firmware is needed. Successful output looks like this:.

apertium-validate-acx(1) — apertium-dev — Debian stretch — Debian Manpages

November 23rd, 7. July 15th, 6. Donations to the project will be used to further it’s development, testing and feature-set, so please, if you are able, make a donation. So, I’d substitute Worked first time for me debiwn Ubuntu Before unpacking it, change it’s owner to your normal username, type: There may be other lines in addition to “lo” describing any other active ethernet devices in the machine that do not have wireless capability, this is all normal:.


Please try – Code:.

[ubuntu] Wireless, ACX driver installation

Do not install just gcc, there are a host of other utilities needed along with gcc, install the whole package. Understand that this deblan not exactly how things should really be done, but appears to be a necessary hack to compile this driver module on SuSE 9. By encouraging good social practices the community is able to support end-users. I recommend you leave the rest of the lines alone for now.

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. You’ll also need make and if gcc is installed, most likely make is also, but just to be sure type: Hi, Sorry for being so late, I wasn’t ready with a useful reply.

First and foremost, and by far the most common, is that your card failed to associate with your access point.