D-Lighting’s effect on images is generally pretty subtle, as you can see from the two examples above. And now, in order to introduce the wireless transfer function to even more customers, Nikon has released compact digital cameras with built-in Wireless LAN support, offering a new level of excitement in digital photography. And wireless printing delivers the convenience of cable-free direct printing to PictBridge-compatible printers. An Electronic Vibration Reduction option acts like an image stabilization utility but only in Movie mode , reducing the effect of camera movement in the resulting movie file. The right side of the zoom toggle doubles as the help button in the menu system.

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Above and to the right of the Multi-Directional button, this button accesses the camera’s Playback mode.

You could easily set up a profile for the office, and another one for home. NOTE though, that transfers will be greatly sped up if you shoot at the 1M resolution. We managed to completely drain a fresh battery in just over an hour of playing with otp camera, with WiFi active about half of the time.

Thus, the “cycle time” between shots stretches to on the order of seconds when the camera is operating in red-eye reduction mode. Testing hundreds of digital coopix, we’ve found that you can only tell just so much about a camera’s image quality by viewing its images on-screen.


Ocolpix resolution images of about 2. At telephoto, the flash range is reportedly only 6 ft. Image noise was apparent but not objectionable at ISOwith only slightly mottled detail in the dark areas.

In Night Portrait, for example, Effect 1 reduces the background blur, while Effect 1 radiates point sources of light to enhance the nightscape. We moved about 17 high resolution images 2. Not only wireless image transfer functions, but also other cutting-edge features will be developed to create added value for future products.

Digital Cameras – Nikon Coolpix P1 Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

cooplix Just above the nav disk is the Menu button, and below it are the Playback and Erase buttons. Just select Transfer by Date, pick coolipx most recent folder of images and Great for parties, weddings, etc. Positioning digital cameras as key network devices, Nikon intends to develop and offer new possibilities for built-in Wireless LAN Wi-Fi support to entertain customers.

Once the software detects the camera, you’ll be prompted to enter a name for the profile and select an icon from among six different choices, to identify the profile in the camera’s WiFi Connection menu.

Here is a new microchip that can transfer data the size of 80 MP3 song files or megabytes wirelessly between mobile devices, in the flick of a second. To keep live simple, we chose to leave the network open.

The camera uses contrast-detection autofocus in normal mode, which ranges from 1. Save the file to the folder created in Step Cycle time shot to shot. Excellent definition of high-contrast elements.


The feature works identically on the P1.

World’s First Built-In Wi-Fi -Enabled Digital Cameras

Not sure which camera to buy? If you’re setting up a WEP network, make sure that the keys are exactly 5 characters long for bit WEP, and 13 characters for bit. Confirm that the update was completed successfully. Suggested Retail Price At introduction. The following three screens of Setup menus automatically appear whenever the Mode dial is turned to the “Setup” position:.

World’s First Built-In Wi-Fi -Enabled Digital Cameras

These tools make the Coolpix P1 extremely flexible in a variety of conditions, providing almost worry-free operation with some creative control. Recommendation As one of the smallest Coolpix models in the line and one of the smaller digital cameras on the marketthe Nikon P1 combines a fine Nikkor 3x ED glass optical zoom lens, an 8. Also, the older bit encryption is not supported. The Mode dial on top of the camera controls the operating mode, offering 10 options. Wireless Point and Shoot.

This is a nice touch. Here, the Coolpix P1 did quite well. In some Assist and Scene modes though, the flash mode is automatically set for you.