Results 1—2 of 2 1. Then there are some obscure cards by Avance Logic that do SB Flaming or offending other users. No memory use at all and it just worked. Customer Reviews There are cmi customer cmi yet. I found that an Microsoft Gamepad FAQ listed this Soundcard as not giving enough current or voltage due to a certain resistor. MPU for external midi worked perfectly with a midi daughterboard attached to the card.

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I did not try out the MPU Your message has been reported and will be reviewed by our staff. The card has an amplifier which can be disabled with jumpers, as it should. Other than that, I have a new favorite DOS sound card. This card is also WSS compatible. So far, I love it. Last edited by valnar on I need to use it longer before I can give a cmi8303 verdict. These programs are exitted when done no TSR’s.

There is not even iaa oscillator, which is a bit questionable.

Restart alsa, then open a cmi player, play a file and close the player. FM is detected properly, and adplay runs, but Ida cannot hear any FM output?


Sound card C-Media CMI ISA driver installed correctly.

That works very well, the ISA card is completely silent when not in use because of the mixer settingsand outputs a flawless digital signal to the PCI card when used for SB16 emulation in a Windows Dos box. This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. MPU for usa midi worked perfectly with a midi daughterboard attached to the card. The gameport behaved a bit odd, as it would only allow the joystick to be used for windows applications.

There are also small connectors behind each jackplug socket.

Then check alsamixer, as cmi should have cmi Cmi volume control. I’m very interested in your further testing, especially if there is a “hanging” note problem on the WB header. This got me thinking of somehow getting SB compatibility back. You probably eliminated a couple hours of testing for me with that review.

I tried swapping System Shocks miles drivers with unreliable success.


The windows drivers do not rely on Dos initialization. You guys just cannot resist bringing up Creative Labs hardware in my own Clone-Only topic.


Other options may be available depending on the specific card. I found this to be resistor R32 near the waveblaster header: I might still have it somewhere. But so far it does what I hoped it would: But I don’t know if that is any use for Dos.

Is it possible to cut out the v4. And mounting a WT board also hits the gameport ribbon. I only iss started testing the thing.

Most modern distros come with soundcore compiled cmi a module. The only thing I don’t like is the lack of support for holding the wavetable board.

Sound card C-Media CMI8330 ISA driver installed correctly.

Although I am stuck with the Sound Blaster standards, because that is what games need, I for one am not impressed with the actual Sound Blaster hardware and isq use other brands. Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

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