I have to agree! She was in the back yard raking our 3 acres of leaves and she drove our John Deere Garden Tractor past my computer room window.. I also request you to try the following steps: Every time I play this game I get the nagging feeling that something is missing. I could select it but when I got into the game the default paint scheme was still on the aircraft… a bug? Click the File menu. Open up the CFS3 Configuration application.

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What you see is what you get. Click the File menu. The Cockpit graphics are more controversial.

Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3 and Windows 10

You can solve these problems by updating nvixia the latest reference drivers available from the chipset manufacturer. Pull too hard and you get to see a nice red Cessna stall warning light flicker at you, instead of more realistic nasty departure and spin!

Microsoft Windows detected a possible device failure. There is no indigenous mission builder capability in CFS3. The big exception is the engine sounds. I request you to check if all the Windows updates and drivers are installed properly.

What is this, ? Cfz3 water graphics when over open ocean have a realistic and attractive appearance, but those same water tiles in a land-locked lake with poor edge transitions looks absolutely awful! If you have any further queries, feel free to contact us.


Uninstall and Reinstall the Graphics Card Drivers. They would have done better to have Meatwater, or somebody with similar experience, provide the audio files. Like I was saying to ciparis in the other thread.

Combat Flight Simulator 3 Page 2

Tell us about your experience with our site. The list goes on. A workaround for this is to disable composite textures using the CFS3Config application, though this will degrade overall appearance of the terrain. ATi Technologies announces three new video board series.

The pan mode and the snap mode are also mutually exclusive. Cfz3 have attempted to run the program in compatibility mode as an administrator, but the program will not open. To fix this issue, close and reopen the dialog boxes affected by this display problem.

The issue has nothing to do with compatibility. I have seen several articles and online discussions concerning the easy and forgiving flight models FM found in CFS3. The compatibility error if you are getting errors relating to compatibility or ‘run as admin’ is a nonsense. cfx3

General Problems Shifted Text After Changing Resolution When you switch resolutions within the game, some parts of the user interface may not display properly text may shift.


This is the last straw. Are there any further suggestions you have? I have a fair amount of real life experience with Merlins and other World War 2 era airplane engines. The nviida, when viewed from medium to high altitudes, looks about as real as it could.

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I might buy a radeon if the drivers get better… based on reports that is. In reply to The Evil Two’s post on December 15, In reply to Amit Kumar ‘s post on November 21, The aircraft exterior graphics are what I would nvldia industry standard. I have the same question It would also improve the value of multiplayer by allowing users to create and fly their own personal missions for use in the CFS3 cooperative Multiplayer mode.