Your group can choose from among our newest 6 -and seater minibuses and coaches for hire. Hire a minibus and get to the funeral on time. The skilled and resourceful driver who accompanies the coach takes you to your destinations in the best possible way. You can drive a new, high quality minibus with each of the safety and enjoyment benefits it brings. If you are budget-conscious, we are the perfect service provider for you. We offer the best minibus and coach hire service in CB postcode area, which covers Cambridge. They have several certificates and licenses to this effect.

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These are slightly bigger in size but they are just as comfortable and luxurious as the seater minibuses. They have been certified by all the relevant authorities and they can work anywhere in the greater United Kingdom.

Silicon Fen, or Cambridge Cluster, is a popular term to denote the large cluster of high-tech businesses in and around Cambridge, The presence of the iconic Cambridge university has spawned several start-ups, which has over time grown into several established industries, mostly in software, and biotechnology. Funerals Eith heading to a funeral the last thing you want to go wrong is your transportation.

Minibus Hire Hemingford Grey. People who need a lift to and from the airport can do so by hiring a minibus. We are capable and have got the will to do a fantastic job.

Coach & Minibus Hire in Cambridge

The extra room in a minibus rental ensures that all of your necessary belongings can travel safe and secure and are with you when you need them while in Cambridge. The other popular festivals include Strawberry Fair music and arts festival. Cambridge is a lively town, with several festivals lined up round the year. According to the DVLA, drivers who received their licenses prior to 1 January are able to drive minibuses provided their entitlement to drive minibuses category D1 remains in force.


One popular activity is a punting tour through the Rover Cam, through the famous landmarks in town, such as the Bridge of Sighs. All vehicles come fitted with modern accessories that optimise comfort and safety. Or enter in your email address so we can contact you. The swanky exteriors help corporate groups arrive in style, while the modern accessories such as push back seats with arm rests, LED overhead lights, infotainment systems, and more allow executives to either relax, or make best use of their time when on the move.

Minibus hire services have long been a preferred mode of transport, especially for those who are travelling in groups and would like to stay together throughout their trip. If you are budget-conscious, we are the perfect service provider for you. The huge and practical Ford Transit minibuses which are available in both 15 and 17 seater varieties will suit the needs of larger groups and family outings. Make sure no one gets left behind – choose from our versatile fleet of 7, 9, 15 and 17 seater minibus models.

Card number or username. However, if you hire a minibus with driver, you will not have to stress about studying the ins and outs of Cambridge yourself and maneuvering through its roads.

15 Seat Minibus Hire Cambridge | 16 Seater Mini bus Cambridge

J2 at Cambridge Leisure Park is a modern venue for theatre, dance, live music and comedy. We are always very dedicated to serving our customers and there is nothing that can stop us from carrying out our duties.


Holy Trinity Cambridgf, Church of St. Less money spent on travel means more spent on enjoying the trip. Call free on or Get a Quotation.

Minibus Hire cambridge

In this option, you will have a lot of privacy and you can wihh confidentiality especially if your group has to discuss sensitive and private matters. When a person hires a minibus, then they will have peace cambridye mind knowing that their travel plans will go according to plan because the driver of the bus will make sure to confirm travel plans two days before they are even schedule to pickup their customers.

Thank you for your patience.

He yire take care of all your needs, bring you wherever you want to go using the fastest and most scenic routes, and he will even serve as your tour guide if you want. A minibus hire in Cambridge, with a driver who knows the way around the different venues, is the best way to partake in such events.

Business events, such as trade fairs, conferences, corporate meetings and programme, training and bonding exercises, and others minibis commonplace. Executive Travel Need a minibus fit for an executive? Minibus executive services is a great way to travel just as an executive should travel.

If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences. Cambrkdge will do everything possible to make sure that they have done their work to their level best.