It sounds to me like there are two issues: This includes the TV guide interface h as well as a method to schedule one or multiple recordings i. The project was last updated in , but still receives around 33 downloads per week according to statistics on SourceForge. The video has these weird horizontal lines when things move; the faster, the longer the lines — That’s an interlacing problem. Some technologies not only refer to the physical card, but also to a device “Host” that uses the card. Whenever you want to re-access the tuner from the remote machine, you can re-run the above command.

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You should have a list of HDHomeRun tuners which looks something like this. The second number is the virtual channel number assigned by the cable provider.

Plex is a well-respected media center solution that was originally cablscard from the popular XMBC now Kodi software in The interface software to linuz, schedule recordings, etc. I don’t mind going back to windows if its more stable, i’ve heard that mediaportal also supports cableCARD, but i’ve never heard of it before now and i don’t want to waste time installing windows just to find out its worse or the same, but at first glance it seems to be very mature though.

As previously mentioned, TVHeadEnd is commonly used by other media center solutions. If you would like to access the tuner from a machine that isn’t your MythTV backend either by choice or because you have toyou can “port-forward” the web port using SSH.

This isn’t too common, but it is possible and definitely something to be aware of. So that’s where I’d start first you can get temps from the diagnostic web pages of each tuner. Plex is cross-platform software.


Essentially, digital cable users may be able to receive some or all of their digital channels via an analog transmission. CableCARDs may be used to access both standard definition and high definition channels as long as they are not part of a switched video system.

Also, as cable companies are only required by law to provide cable boxes with FireWire output for high definition subscriptions, you may have to pay extra to get such a box as most companies charge extra for high definition enabled cable service.

To check, you only need connect any old cable-ready standard definition television directly to your wall outlet bypassing any cable box provided; if you can recieve channels, then you have ADS.

The state of Linux media center software

Read on for a breakdown of these three options. In addition to live TV, WMC lets you watch other videos, listen to music, view your photos, and even connect to some streaming providers. Change the Video Source to the one we just created. American broadcast television Template: When the cache is enabled, the interface is functional, but slightly degraded.

Using the Docker installation method mentioned above, our experience with Emby was exceptional. Try a few other channels on the web interface as well, and repeat the experiment.

However, we were unable to verify these claims. Although the web interface is quite functional, the software suggests that you will have a better experience using one of their standalone applications for playing live and recorded TV l.


If not, you can do it after getting the device set up. With high definition video the loss is again generally indistinguishable from the source on standard definition televisions, but on high definition screens it is like night and day.

Ceton InfiniTV 4 – MythTV Official Wiki

Channels are changed via an IR blaster while the analog tuner card records the output of the box either through a coax, composite, or s-video input. The DVBLink server includes linkx web interface see image j that runs on port By Junethe top 10 “incumbent” U.

In this case, the set top box essentially decrypts the video being provided by the cable company and then passes it to the llinux in an unencrypted form via a FireWire interface.

Copy sources from CD or download from http: An example of the ifcfg-ctn0 file is below:.

Recording Digital Cable – MythTV Official Wiki

It might take a good 30 minutes to run. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Cable television in the United States Digital cable Digital rights management systems Digital television History of television Set-top box Television terminology. Configure the SchedulesDirect or whatever video source; have it pull down your “listing. I don’t know if it’s better or easier than MythTV, and it obviously requires running Windows.