Transition MEMS-based active flow control methodology to practical and engineering problems. The contractor shall do additional technology development and design a software package to implement and test prognostic algorithms for electric actuation systems. JIL Information Systems proposes to develop an instructional program to provide cognitive and perceptual motor training for recognition of disorientation and for the recovery from out-of-control flight situations. Active networks break from the traditional networking paradigm by allowing for the injection of customized computations into the network. John Williams Airtrax intends on using its own off the shelf components to design the MP2 including wheel hub, shafts, bearings, and rollers, vehicle power and control system.

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Fabricate all necessary new components and modify existing vehicle suspension components. Develop and demonstrate active flow control systems. Corrosion, inspection, aircraft, ultrasonic, nondestructive, joints. The integration of these two technologies is essential since both ballistic protection and containment of high pressure gases are simultaneously required for proper function of this component.

This Small Business Innovation Research SBIR Phase I project will establish the feasibility of vacuum compatible, bpz lossy high thermal conductivity aluminum nitride ceramics. Our existing hardware supports flexible spreading codes, variable data rates, and several types of FEC.

Stationary PDE technology for electric power generation have been discussed. Command, Control and Communications. Further rigorously evaluate potential cost savings of utilizing capability at the engine manufacturer and at overhaul facilities.

New fuel or fuel formulations are required to bpa the challenges offered by PDEs, such as good volumetric energy density, provision of endothermic cooling, quick vaporization and mixing with air, and most importantly, detonation without a long detonation tube. Develop fuels that will dissolve in conventional fuels and enhance detonation characteristics.


Quantify the shortcomings of current analytic models as regards new kill mechanisms and next generation targets. LAWNS uses GPS-based location information provided by warfighter equipment to implement innovative protocols to support capabilities such as geographically targeted multicasts of information, range- restricted information dissemination, and location-dependent access to distributed information services. GPS is the most accurate navigational means available, but it is also vulnerable to jamming and shadowing.

The DIDP will be required to operate in both watercraft and land vehicles and must fit within 50 square inches by 3 inches deep for display device and less than cubic inches for storage, processing, and sensor systems. Sensitizing synthetic forces to suppressive fire on the virtual battlefield. The new technique is applicable to both military and civil aircraft.

The severity of these bends and the length of these spans are a strong function of the bottom roughness. Typically, a nps and useful cognitive task analysis involves a complex orchestration of several research techniques to hps the necessary information to support the target application.

An airframe-mounted oxygen-generating system is needed to replenish the system after testing, preflighting, and routine leakage. Ambient field environmental temperatures can range from 40 to 1F. Current aircraft corrosion nondestructive evaluation NDE methods include guided wave ultrasonics, eddy currents, and many other NDE approaches.

The proposed Foster-Miller gap sealant will be comprised of a unique combination of materials which focus on improving composite performance through the bpw of carbon nanotube technology. Demonstrations of field applications of RPF will include, but are not limited to, a gap crossing, barrier material, channeling material, stabilized beach and marsh roadways for tactical and cargo handling equipment.

New SIM/UIM card reader ,smart card reader bank card reader

Arete proposes to directly demonstrate STIL for obstacle detection at near grazing incidence by adapting and utilizing existing, proven hardware for a cost-effective Phase I concept validation. Combining the properties of high conductivity with robust structure provide a opportunity for a new type of EMI shielding materials. Demonstrate the material’s performance using laboratory-type cells. Single-element indicator lights and monochrome- and multi-color displays represent a market much larger than that of diode lasers in particular if applied to domestic lighting.


NJDEP SRP – UST: NJ UST Contamination Sites /Ocean

Multiple correlated failures b99 cause loss of aircraft despite the fact that the same combination of failures occurring at different times due to different causes would not cause loss of an aircraft. Piezoceramic fiber composites are more desirable than other technologies in many transducer and actuator applications.

Do not use any other version of the signed forms. A measurable improvement of corrosion detection sensitivity must be demonstrated and quantified, and proposals should address how this improvement will be accomplished in Phase I.

Many military and commercial aircraft use high-pressure gaseous oxygen b99 to supply the aircrew with oxygen during emergency operations.

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To use RPF to solve existing shortfalls in expeditionary logistics operations requires taking the technology to the next level. Investigate innovative NDI systems, gps and methodologies to reduce cost of ownership for the DOD gas turbine engine user. Select suitable techniques to characterize the materials and enable reproducible preparation.