Yes, a Linux version for both the “firmware upgrader” and configuration software is available in the download area Linux binaries compiled on Fedora core 5 are available, in addition to the Mac and Windows versions [25] What is the LFO automation? Likely due to either replacement with a newer model or manufacturer discontinuation. See any errors on this page? In the future, Wave Idea will propose different low cost hardware to be connected to this expansion port. The Bitstream 3X also features unique useful automation functions for on stage or studio purpose. Initializing the Bitstream 3X will restore default mapping for User mode as well as all parameters to their default value It is therefore mandatory to upload your whole assignments to a library file using the configuration software before restoring to factory default. Used to automatically send the control value at startup – Scene exclude:

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CME BITSTREAM-3X Super Midi Controller | PSSL

We will charge your credit card in US Dollars on the day your order is shipped, and the conversion to your local currency will be done at the prevailing rate by your credit card issuer. There are some common parameters to Standard and User modes, bktstream common parameters can be programmed for both modes, among these parameters: These two additional modes allow the Bitstream 3X to emulate most of the functions of x3 Mackie or Logic control.

The expansion port allows to connect additional controls to the Bitstream 3X. Those functions allow you to make some tasks easier in bitstrean to focus on the music, among which you have a LFOan advanced arpeggiator that you can use to generate amazing grooves, and an 3d tracks motion sampler. The Bitstream 3X is automatically detected and configured to fully control all Reason devices, with absolutely no programming. The LCD string is a parameter that can be assigned independently to each control of the Bitstream 3X.


Bitstream 3X configuration software

Before contacting support, please find the answer of your question below. Do not include HTML, links, references to other stores, pricing or contact info. It’s best in class as far as I’m concerned. An indication on the Bitstream 3X display mentions the direction to give to the control to hook it and thus send MIDI data.

The Bitstream 3X will display “Initializing Using library of presets files, the user can create its own and download them to the Bitstream 3X to reconfigure it. If you use the configuration software V1. You can use the search engine or category filter to narrow the questions and answers displayed. Don’t buy this thing, i did and i regret it every time, for example, one of the faders i’m controlling won’t stay put in the DAW even though it’s all the way down on the controller.

It is mainly used to access all parameters of the User operating mode, and will help the user to assign MIDI events to each control of the Bitstream 3X.

Yes, all soft dedicated to the Bitstream are available for both Mac and Windows. By completing your order, you understand that the products s you are purchasing are U. You can literally map anything to anything.

ON – Internal mode: This mode gives you full control over your Bitstream 3X, so you can configure every parameter through menus or the dedicated configuration software. Visit Our Showroom [map]. Another benefit of the Mackie control emulation is the display of the Bitstream 3X which shows time code as well as channel metering. The controller is already programmed with all the available control change CC: Sign me up for Killer Daily Deals.


The Bitstream 3X also features a SYNC output that allow you to use and synchronize “vintage” synthesizers, a foot switch input, a MIDI Thru outputand an expansion port dedicated to connect the external control modules available soon here.

The driver available in the download area is not a real driver. The Bitstream 3X LCD gives you every information you need on stage or during a studio session in real time.

The Bitstream 3X features scenes, located in non volatile memory you can retriewe scenes after you switched off the controller Scenes are snapshots of the physical position of all controls of the Bitstream 3X You can decide to save the position of all controls long push on scene buttonthen continue tweaking pots, faders, buttons, and so on, and decide to recall the previously saved scene As soon as you recall a scene short push on scene buttonthe position of all the controls you previously saved are sent to the MIDI outputs To exclude some controls from scenes, simply configure them with the “scene exclude” option enabled.

Using the Mackie control mode will add these new features: The Reason mode is dedicated to the Propellerheads Reason software or any other soft compatible with the Propellerheads Remote technology.

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From the configuration software version 1. If you are using the Standard or Reason mode, you can change this parameter directly from the Bitstream 3X menus If you are using the Mackie 3c User mode, changing the default CC number is done through the configuration software. If mine got busted I’d by another one asap.