Man was I ever wrong. How to record anything on your screen using th No other driver settings were changed and no video cards were harmed during the writing of this review. Read most recent letters to the editor. I don’t recommend the card for you as you cannot capture uncompressed video with it.

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One thing Inoticed about this card is it does not have direct S video connections on theboard meaning you need to use a breakout cable, which I was thinking wouldcause a theoretical loss in quality compared to if going 9600xtt to the boardwith good quality S video cable. Considering what’s in the box and what the card can do, that’s not just a great price, it’s plain amazing.

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The All-in-Wonder line debuted with the Rage chipset series. I forget which number this changed on, Ravisent I think it was, was not as good IMO as the earlier software.

The only drawback is that it can only record one channel at a time, and un record one channel while you’re watching another. OBS Studio screen recording and streaming guid We hope to have this fixed soon. The card itself is surprisingly compact, though. Now though, for the first time, we see an AIW surpass the clock speeds of its counterpart. You might have noticed from the picture that there isn’t an actual monitor output on the board. That means losing the investment wlnder making in the All-In-Wonder’s multimedia features when you upgrade.


Can download most anything in almost as good a quality, though usually without the surround sound and subs. While one of today’s PCs with a fast processor and lots of RAM should remain useful for many years, video cards become obsolete in a faction of that amount of time – people who run the latest graphics-intensive programs usually upgrade their video accelerators at least a couple of times over the life of their PC.

On the “normal” default detail and resolution settings, this card should handle any game out there at the moment. Why not just plug my device directly into the soundcard for the audio side? They were preceded by the still excellent Radeon ‘s which had smaller video chips usually 64MB – which, by the way, I still use.


ATi has gone an extra mile with the AiW Pro and added more functionality to the card than in any All-in-Wonder to 9600xf before it. As a nice touch, ATI includes a copy of Pinnacle’s Studio video editing suite, a good package for beginners and intermediate video editors – perfect for putting together home movies, for example. Click here to subscribe. Multimedia Refresh by Andrew Ku on October 16, Last edited by david; 24th Apr at Haven’t captured much in the last few years, after getting anamorphic widescreen, 5.

ATI All-In-Wonder XT – The Globe and Mail

There isn’t much of an increase in speed in Jedi Academy, though, where it seems 9600zt we’re a bit more dependent on overall system performance to get a higher score.


The ancient PC’s on which I used these cards could no longer be upgraded, and with the advent of Wondder and PCI-only I could read the writing on the wall: The AMD site no longer carries those drivers, but you can find people or sites still downloading them.

Regular, [15] Pro [16]. Aside from some minor software changes, I’m really referring to two huge additions: Hit pause to go get a snack or answer the phone, and it will keep recording.

Similar Threads Graphics cards By hungledink in forum Computer. No, your eyes do not deceive you: Log in Subscribe to comment Why do I need to subscribe? The other consideration is long-term alp investment potential – a tricky point when buying computer gear. This might not seem like a big deal to some, but it’s one more feature that’s a pretty significant addition.

This isn’t a huge jump, but it does address something I mentioned in the XT review, ib that is: As it is, the few extra FPS is noteworthy, if not very useful.