This reflects the desire to assess the knowledge and practical skills of candidates with differing abilities, cultural and linguistic backgrounds CVII , with the objective of favouring mobility. There were only few contradictory opinions on the objectives to be pursued. In any case, crew from third countries will need to adhere to the future new prescriptions on crew qualifications. As indicated in its Energy Union package IX , the Commission will pay special attention to those sectors with a huge energy efficiency potential, in particular the transport sector. It is only thanks to the increased confidence generated by a system based on objectives competence that experience navigation time becomes less central in the recognition process. I cannot find the board listed or the driver.

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I made it back by Friday. The impact of option C: B Impact of the policy options on labour mobility due to KSS measures. The intention is only to target disproportionate KSS requirements. Impact on safety due to competence-based minimum requirements and mutual recognition: Investment and administrative costs are expected to be lower for option B compared to option C.

B Impact of the policy options on safety due sfs KSS measures.

The recognition systems are not sufficiently based on proven competences. Navigation education institutes do not use minimum competence-based standards and are variable in terms of competencies taught and tested. This special design prevents expensive awus and the motherboard from damage caused by power surges from switching power supply PSU.

As mentioned under section 6. Ensure that KSSs are proportionate to their safety goal and do not unnecessarily hamper labour mobility. It should also be noted that the administrative cost for suboption C1 are significantly lower than for suboption C2.


It is important to highlight that w hen accidents do occur in IWT, they can have far-reaching consequences. The issues of harmonisation of SRBs content and registration remain however part of this IAR as first steps to tackle the problem.

To des, as other external factors will also play an important role in p48-n levels, it is almost impossible to accurately single out the effect of the policy options on wages. EU wide minimum competence-based standards for examination of future boatmasters in education and training institutes necessary for mutual recognition of their diplomas and certificates. The new frequency proposing the lowest frequency of the medical check-ups, results in a negative impact on safety.

Under the CCNR administrative arrangements, the inherent limitations outlined under section 3. The results of this study are referred to throughout this IAR where relevant. This unique adapter eliminates the trouble of plugging in one cable at a time, making connection quick and accurate. My turn off on this device is the lack of Assu technology.


This reflects the desire to assess the knowledge and practical skills of candidates with differing abilities, cultural and linguistic backgrounds CVIIwith the objective of favouring mobility.

Potential career changers from sea to inland navigation may need to spend two years on board of inland navigation vessels in a lower function and at reduced wages, which does not make the career switch attractive. Introduction of competence-based minimum requirements for boatmasters certificates tested through a practical exam measure 2.


XLI Annex 3 provides detailed information about the labour market model developed by the external consultants, on which figure 1 is based. We recommend using a professional driver update utility to instantly search for the missing drivers natching your Windows version. For the voluntary support measures option Bthe respondents estimate the positive impacts to be considerably lower. This measure will have a limited impact as it would only concern a very small number of crew yearly on the Danube corridor only where these large convoys are found.

Proper registration of these documents must be ensured. In view of the fact that these already exist for the agreement sse SRBs, additional costs are considered negligible.


The amount of workers willing to change their career from maritime to IWT is obviously higher, as the existing requirements are regarded as a mobility barrier. View saved quotes Close. The general competence for this p8-m derives from the aim to complete the internal market as stipulated under Title I ‘Internal Market’ in Article 26 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

This is particularly the case for the competence-based system which should be seen as a global approach to crew qualifications. The present final version of the IAR takes into account the recommendations for improvements by the mean of clarifications or complementary information in the appropriate IAR section.