I tried calling the toll free number but I received no response. Currently I have XP oertaing system runnibg on that. Only 4 USB ports, not enough for basic home setup of mouse, speakers, laptop pad, wireless, printer, scanner, AND flashdisks, phone, mp3 players, etc. WinXP is a let better than Vista…. Wifi worked well, no bluetooth though.

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I want to download some of the pictures I got from my digital camera to my computer. I have installed the sta drivers and that didn’t help either. Therefore, I wanted XP on mine and, as some of you, I was involved is this for a week, exactly because Acer doesnt support XP as most the drivers they have lol for this model and you can find loads of them different on the net.

Can u please help me… thank you so much! You could definitely see that the features are stunning and way beyond compare any laptop that costs around the same. You may also like.

If it lights up, wifi is off. When i put it on the screen cant light and in about 10seconds it asprie off.


Audio volume also very weak. I would appreciate any help that I will get.

Acer Aspire Laptop – Pinoy Guy Guide

Then you need to go to any of the support sites for acer … europe or philipines…. If you get one, post a comment here on how your laptop goes with Windows XP.

Everybody complains, but nobody helps… Thank you for nothing! Even with 1 Gig upgrade?

Can’t get wireless to work on an Acer Aspire older answers didn’t work – Ask Ubuntu

Hurray for BPI Madness!!! However I had to a number of configurations to make some extras work: After sometime if i restart it works fine. I bought a Vista support and installed only and, although mine has 1GB ram, I still think Vista sucks 7. I could not find the complete installer online aspirf in it, the Linpus Linux, good thing I discovered Ubuntu which does wiri of wonders to me. I am currently connected via ethernet.

I have an Aspire a real slug with Vista.

Featured Gadgets Others Technology. Anyhow I got a local fellow to fit it up! The Aspire notebook is available in the market at the price of Rs.

Performance is very good so far. From the aspite it looks really cool, all black and metallic acer logo on the back of monitor.


Acer Aspire 4310 laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

But good news, after some searching on the net, I found out that Acer recommends installing Bison camera driver available in its website to resolve this.

Im also using Acer Aspire for years now. I think you need to unintall all the drivers that you have installed for wi fi. Because i have already installed winxp and it takes everything and working fine. I bought one here in Bangkok, costs only Hai, i have acer aspire z model and this is bluetooth and m.

Acer Aspire 4310 Laptop

Email Required, but never shown. Works well on a mb hardware. Sign up using Facebook. All the devices are working perfectly on it.