Wikimedia has received an e-mail confirming that the copyright holder has approved publication under the terms mentioned on this page. Page 45 printer icons 19, 21, 43—44 plugging in the printer 15—16 printer information port, LocalTalk 13 changing in Apple Printer Utility portrait vertical orientation 30, 32—33 program 51 PostScript files, sending to printer 60 viewing 52— Setting the print density If your documents are printing too light or too dark, you can adjust the print density of the printer to print lighter or darker text and images. US No 10 4. TrueType fonts provide sharp text at any size on screen or on paper. You can put up to sheets of copier-weight bond paper into the paper cassette supplied with the printer.

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Page 57 Click the close box at the upper-left corner to close the window. Retrieved from ” https: Insert a stack of paper applee the brackets.

Click the close box in the upper-left corner of the Chooser.


More printing instructions can be found in the manuals for your application programs. Looking for a tech gift that’s not too expensive? To remove an old cartridge, grasp the cartridge by the center and pull horizontally as you rotate the cartridge up. Adjust the cassette for your paper. Insert the cartridge into the printer.



You can use the following sizes: To remove the plastic insert, turn the cassette over and press both clips. Save the protective bag.

The printing software that is installed in Chapter 1 requires that you have at least one printer icon on your desktop.

Open the Printer Information category. You can move it wherever you like.

The laserwrirer should be well ventilated and away from direct sunlight or sources of heat, cold, or humidity. Open the File menu and choose Print. You will also see the Apple LaserWriter Software folder on your hard disk. The printer prints on only part of the paper.

Click the close box at the upper-left corner to close the window. To print the startup ;s, unplug the printer, wait a moment, then plug it in again; or use the Apple Printer Utility to restart the printer. The most common options are already selected for you, but you can change them if you want to.

The face- down tray holds at least 25 sheets. Page 89 TrueType and PostScript fonts are outline fonts. LaserWriter Bridge could not obtain a LocalTalk address because all addresses are in use by other network devices.


Do-it-all budget printer is a perfect fit for tight spaces Do-it-all budget printer is a perfect fit for tight spaces by Justin Yu. Printer Output Max Speed. If you are unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contact a licensed electrician to replace the outlet with a properly grounded outlet.

Best Cyber Monday deals at Staples: Return to laserwritwr Finder by clicking anywhere laserwgiter the desktop. To install fonts, you drag them to the System Folder. The Apple classic fonts are the original ten bitmapped fonts that came with the first Macintosh in The utility is placed in the Apple LaserWriter software folder when the printer software is installed.

Page Size limits for suitcases: Switching between printers If you have more than one printer available, you can select which you want to use.