Also, battery life was incredible, with just under five hours of hi-def playback. Pre-installed software, and especially trialware, is often more pain that it’s worth, so it’s nice to see a system that’s comparatively lightly preloaded. It’s known as TouchPortal, and it lets you drag content, such as photos and videos onto a panel in the middle of the screen, then view or play them. Could it be that the resolution is just too high for this to properly function in a touchscreen fashion? Before you know it, it’ll look like a prop from CSI. Like Apple’s much-vaunted iPad , only with a physical keyboard. Rather than being a monitor or all-in-one desktop PC, it’s a kind of tablet-netbooky thing.

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Definitely not a gaming laptop then. Intel’s CULV processors aren’t noted for their processing performance as much as they are low power usage.

Replacing the Bluetooth Board – Acer Aspire G

We commented in the review of the similar Acer Aspire PZG that TouchPortal looks pretty but doesn’t save a whole lot of functional time for 1820pf same features as simply using in-built Windows applications.

Before you know it, it’ll look like a prop from CSI. It’s nice to see a netbook that’s actually pushing the boat out a bit; even if the boat is being pushed by an index finger across a rather insensitive touchscreen.

Apple’s Touch Bar — a thin screen that replaces the function keys on the new MacBook It kept going for a highly impressive five hours and three minutes before shutting itself down.

TechRadar pro

It seems strange, then, that Acer has opted for a rubbish integrated graphics chip: Right now, the main attention paid to tablets is in the iPad space, and its many clones. On the software front, the PT comes with Windows 7 Home Premium and only a smattering of trialware and other included applications. The included HDMI port means that displaying content on your whopping tellybox is nice and easy. Be respectful, keep aaspire civil and stay on topic.


Open it up and it functions like a normal netbook, but there’s a twist: Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Aside from Valerie Singleton? The newly upgraded Blietooth Blade is the perfect laptop for undercover gaming. Acer’s Aspire PT, then, could be the Windows 7 device to change all that. Complementing the gigabit Ethernet on the networking axer is It’s known as TouchPortal, and it lets you drag content, such as photos and videos onto a panel in the middle of the screen, then view or play them.

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Not bad at all. Most of the more advanced touchscreens we’ve seen recently, such as 1820ot by Sony and Albratron, have used some kind of optical recognition to identify your greasy digits as they expand porn.

These stats alone put it head and shoulders above the current splurge of netbooks, even if it is three times their price. A couple of months ago Dave looked at the Albatron OTMwhich despite sounding like a Hollywood sex robot, was a touchscreen monitor. News Reviews Insights TechRadar. Follow TechRadar Reviews on Twitter: We should point out, if only for reasons of legal liability that dousing your laptop in coffee will in almost every case void the warranty. There are better, generally vertical applications for tablets that the PT would be better suited for.


The Bottom Line Acer’s PT brings portability and excellent battery life firmly into the 1820ppt tablet space. The screen swivel mechanism is ace and Acer has obviously put a lot of bluetootn into its design. This is great if you want to wall-mount them in your fantasy kitchen that doesn’t exist, but not so great when you find yourself leaning across your desk, at a weird angle, to use an interface that’s probably never going to be as intuitive and responsive as a good ol’ keyboard and mouse.

It’s true that you can increase the size of your icons and text, but who wants to make their laptop look like a SimplicITy PC? Lenovo fine-tuned its formula for the Yoga C, adding a trio of useful features that As an added upside, if you ever dropped a truly tiny cup of cappuccino on the trackpad, it’s got a spot to pool safely.

We set the PT up with our standard battery draining test, disabling all battery-saving measures, setting screen brightness to full and running a constantly looping video file at the same time that we tested the Acer Aspire PZG.

Given we were doing absolutely nothing to actually conserve battery power, it’s entirely feasible that you bluetoith run this particular tablet all day long if you needed to.

Everyone’s gulping down 3D like it’s a free pint of Guinness, but so far we just can’t seem to find much of a use for it.