Note that may PowerPoint and even Outlook typically are not included. Is there download fix or does it mean a visit to a repair point? Unresponsive The slight inward slope of the keys is meant to create an easier, more comfortable typing experience. Now that you have heard our pros and cons, let us know what you think below. Accutype Alternatives In preparation for your Accutype keyboard arrival, you may want to use the services of another Accutype. So, help me out.

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I am relieved to find this page.

Everything else on the laptop is fine, except it’s not usable. There seem to be a major problem with Lenovo’s AccuType keyboards that no one is accurype about.


Accutype Solutions Some users have found that the Lenovo AccuType keyboards have a problem with keys being unrecognized, similar to the issues experienced when typing on a cracked phone. Submit a new link. Every single official review of the “acclaimed” AccuType keyboard claims it’s the absolute best thing since sliced bread, bar none. I’m looking for this screen saver if it exists. If you are interested in hearing more about the pros and cons of the AccuType keyboard, continue reading.


The Popular AccuType Keyboard Is Actually A Thing Of Beauty | smellfreearea

Want to add to the discussion? This gets very noticeable if you type fast not looking at the keyboard.

However, pressing on the top right or bottom left would input the character. Basically just pres the power button twice between few seconds. Producing a real estate network has never been easier. Maybe I should hit Lenovo up.

Lenovo AccuType keyboard problems

Never again for me. However, the palm rest is one of the most important aspects to a comfortable typing experience, even though it has no bearing on choosing a printer. I feel your pain. Intel 2nd Age group Core iM. So I’ve been searching around the internet trying to find out whether there are any significant differences in AccuType keyboard mechanics between different types of Lenovo laptops in this case the Flex accitype and the ThinkPad.

And if so, can you please confirm any differences or lack thereof between the two? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. If Lenovo told you that’s normal, what our choice? Haha, no accutyype that’s just one more of their “things”. I know I never will.


Archives February January December Basically what happens is that characters are not recognized if not pressed directly in the middle of the key. My fingers are getting stressed along the sides; I think I must have to reach further to hit the same keys or something and I don’t have small hands.

There wasn’t any thinkpad to test at the time. Accutype Alternatives In preparation for your Accutype keyboard arrival, you may want to use the accutypf of another Accutype.

Notify me of new comments via email. Lenovo Y turns on but has black screen. Didn’t found my own Z AccuType keyboard near as bad as yours. This gets very noticeable if you type fast not looking at the keyboard.

Yes; I did specifically ask for a ThinkPad, but I ended up with this. Finallyother Lenovo apps allow it to be easy to actually connectuse and keep on secure.