My grandpa couldn’t stop laughing at me. I’ve been looking at one to pick up as a daily, because it takes 87 and it’s cheap as hell down here right now. You cant fix an 05 or newer very easy in the bucks department either. I won’t be beating on it too hard because it will be my transportation. Apr 23, 2, 0 56 40 not quite here Visit site. Wish I had a little more power for the weekend wot drives but it’s alright.

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Jul 9, 1 0. The keys were still in the hatch lock so I couldn’t start the car and doors were still frozen shut.

The problem is, they dont really feel like a mustang to me. My next car will most likely be a ht cobra because of this: Hello guys, well, i’m new on the forum and as a stanger, and little by little i have fallen in love deeply with my pony. LA Auto Show organizers To the guy who said you can’t “open up” a V8 in the city Yeah not powerful but fast enough to merge which is all that matters. ThunderHorse New Member Aug 16, I know which one I should choose but it’s just so blah looking in stock form.


It’s a lot easier to find ”04 models, but that’s not surprising. That is what maybe pounds heavier than a similar equipped Mustang GT with a full tank of gas.

V6 vs V8 for Daily driver – Ford Mustang Forum

A V6 was my first car ever back in You basically nailed the factors on the head Would you take the car you want or the newer, faster, better value car even if it looks stale, mileage and price the same?

Featured User Vehicle Submissions Thread. CJ Pony Parts, Inc. Old Thread Starter.

I’m a Chevy guy. Not that fast, not that scary but fun.

99 -04 VS 05 – 08 ?????

Best I got was a drive from Oregon to California and I got 30mg at 75mph. Love my novi 2k blown oo gt and it just sounds bad fing ass, comfy and xaily have bright atlantic blue and that is just a great color to get on a stock car.

I’d say do it. In order to be able to post messages on the Forums at Modded Mustangs forums, you must first register. As much as I love my E30 I think one of the things that makes me appreciate it more is the fact I don’t drive it in the winter.


New Edge GT Daily Driver?

They look far too much like a raily, bland transportation car. Camaros and TAs are definately the superior car, but I cant just go to my junkyard for parts or upgrades.

I am being pretty generous with that pounds. I like my vt CMS stage 2 blowers. No memes, trolling, copypasta, or low-quality joke posts or comments.

Sep 5, 1 0 33 ATL Visit site. I just bought a stock 5 speed gt convertible last month, paid with 70k miles on the dash, everything in good condition and a fresh clutch. I plan on keeping it pretty much stock. Forums Mustanh posts Search forums.

They can make power a lot easier then we can.