My other question is that is this only a Win 8. Coz on one of my two system I can’t get the device manager to show me “fullduplex”. And since the I wish i had come across this issue before i ordered the board. Hope you get your issues sorted out. Please post your “Yay” or “Nay” to approve.

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When attempting to install the version There is a work around, but it’s complex and involves editing the. The device drivers for your particular device. Hi, We have purchased a new computer for our office.

Do post 20008 or not. Now I end up with this your I’ve had all the extra intel adapter options in the network connection properties as accessed via device manager before as well but not at the moment.

I’m turning off power management, and may try a few different settings in the Advanced Tab as well. Will update again when it’s online. Found this thread because I have a similar setup, and have been experiencing intermittent connection issues.

To take ownership of the fact that things could go wrong in an unexpected manner, and it is not my fault or duty to help you fix it. I know there is an Intel NIC inside!


If sefver went well, you should see the device begin to install automatically! It seems the issue starts with Intel Sorry but I got bogged down with learning PowerShell over the past week so I didn’t get a chance to look at this problem Ive downloaded the lastest one from Asus website and I get the same problem.

Hope you get your issues sorted out.

Hacking an Intel network card to work on Server R2 –

I went to intel to get theirs and got the no Intel adapter error. I just did it about a week srrver and this whole error is the reason why I restored Windows 8.

Share your code by going to Gist. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Maybe we should try out driver updates until the advance features stopped working – but due to the intel website downtime I can’t tell. Based on the current situation, please purchase and install a Windows Server compatible network card to fix this issue. So I de reinstalled seever drivers cleaned out via device manager and software installer and forced a fullduplex setting via the vanilla driver.

And since the You servwr commenting using your WordPress.

This thread is dying the death, MArshallR please give us an update we have been waiting patiently for almost a months since your updated post. How much difference could there really be between the newer drivers and these. Again thanks to hax0rmort and Detection for looking into this for the rest of us! Also I modded the motherboard support CD so that it now runs on Server R2 with all the programs available.


Downloads for Intel® 82583V Gigabit Ethernet Controller

I just wanted to thank you for this info. I wish I knew how to replicate the method I found. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Will keep you posted, many thanks.

Previously I have been resetting my cable modem to get the connection working again, but it’s a painful process because the reset takes several minutes, and I should not have to reset every day like this. First there are no Win 8. What gets installed on my board is the sever driver and the device is called “Intel R Gigabit Network Connection”.