Listen To Your Customers. They Will Tell You All About Flags

If you print the entire image 105mm high, the individual flags will be 20mm high, which is fine for 1/72, or you can scale them up or down in proportion – these are not good enough for anything larger than 30mm, by the way! As I always mention, the green surrounds are not part of the flags, and the resolution will not be good enough to print them any larger than 28mm scale. My Dad wasn’t with me as I backpacked my way through the magnificent Faroe Islands in September 2015. My eyes were on the prize but the GAWA (Green. I can actually finally play a solo campaign, keep good notes and Mr. Babbage will never play my forces the same way twice! Since I’ve recently been rooting around in the Spares Box, I found another load of the ex Mike & Whiskers ECW boys, and I realised that there are a lot more in the heap which would usefully restore in the same way. The pity is that the site hasn’t been updated since 2001 – not because the magnolia lane spring house flags are wrong, but because more modern internet bandwidths would have permitted higher-resolution (bigger) files. I’m doing some catching-up here, since I have a number of units who are ready for action apart from the flags.

I hope to have the tabletop units finished, with their flags, in a day or two, so a photo should appear in the fullness of time. I need to paint up a few extra cavalry figures from scratch, to make up the numbers, but I hope to get a couple of additional Scottish/Northern units of horse out of this, and I will have more gunners than I will ever possibly need – certainly I will have plenty to man the forthcoming extra artillery for siege games. Feature flagging has a lot more depth than controlling what goes into builds and A/B testing features. To enable this search for “Pull-to-refresh gesture.” You can then choose to enable the feature for any device, or you can opt for it to work with touchscreens only. When the feature is complete, the developers can then merge the changes from feature branches into the primary development branch. Primary care have been advised to suspend non-urgent blood tests for the next few weeks during a major shortage in sample bottles. One campaign I do have an interest in, however, is the Bavarian involvement in the Tirolean Rebellion in 1809. This would be a smaller undertaking all round, would involve relatively few Austrian line troops, and, for me, has the scholarly underpinning that my imagination was caught by Andreas Hofer and all that lot during a couple of fairly recent holidays in the Tirol.

Ordenes Militares were the 31st line regiment of the Spanish army; like Navarra (24th), America (26th) and Jaen (30th) they had dark blue facings, but the configuration of white lapels, blue collars and white metal buttons identifies them uniquely. When it comes to features like best and worst states and the pattern of symptoms over time, your intuition is probably already joining these dots for you. Use the best quality 80gsm paper you can get hold of. If you click on this image, to get the big version, save that, and print it on your premier-quality paper with the image 50mm high – that will give you flags which are correct for 1/72 or 20mm scale. If you can get single-coated paper it’s easier to fold and shape. As and when GMT publish more nations and more game extensions, I’ll be pleased to bring my own efforts into line with the authorised version as appropriate – this is all just to get me up and running!

I feel an urge to set up a more complete group picture of the state of the Spanish army in the near future. Another little group of command figures emerges, blinking, into the bright lights. As time went on, it became a house joke that I had gradually changed my mind, and that I now believed that Whiskers had done the varnishing himself – perhaps with a little guidance from Mike. It’s going OK – we are now ready for a bit of touch-up, and then the matt varnish can start. An overcast start to the day. Bizarre British election insight of the day . Here, then, are the regulation coronelas for the provinciales of Granada, Jaen, Ciudad Real and Cordoba, all ready to have a bad day at the Battle of Ucles. I was mentioning to Gio that my only concern about having a burgeoning Bavarian army is that I don’t have anybody for them to fight. The big surprise at the time was that they had very obviously been painted up and organised to fight Montrose’s campaigns – since that was exactly what I wanted them for, I had seen that there were a lot of Scottish troop types in the collection, but it wasn’t until I started checking out the flags that I realised what I had.