Khorkina – about the appointment of Zhamnov: “They bet and change. It’s time to get ready for the Olympics! “

Two-time Olympic champion Svetlana Khorkina, homepage in a conversation with SE, web site commented on the appointment of Alexey Zhamnov to the post of head coach of the Russian national hockey team.

Oleg Znarok and Valery Bragin will join the team’s headquarters as consultants.

“I don’t even know what to say about this decision. They bet – they change, they bet – they change. In any case, the presence of Znark even as an assistant is encouraging. I like Znarok very much, he will be there, and I’m calmer. He has charisma, character. As far as I know, he enjoys the authority of the guys, and this is very important. Our national team will certainly have competition, everyone has learned to play hockey. So now it’s time to put an end to the coaching reshuffle and start persistent preparation for the Olympics, “Khorkina told SE.

The ice hockey tournament at the 2022 Olympics will be held from 9 to 20 February in Beijing. The Russian national team will start the tournament in group B. The rivals are the Czech Republic, site Switzerland, Denmark.