How to get a Driving License in Punjab?

Commutation in Punjab

Pakistan being a developing country seeks every move beneficial to its progress. But the lack of resources sometimes leads to worse than better scenarios. Punjab is undoubtedly leading from the front when it comes to progress. New development projects are all that engage people in their life, for the better. Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) namely Punjab Metro Bus Services has set a trend all over Pakistan. Its fast-paced Motorways have also set examples for other governments. Most of the cities are moving towards “Signal-free” commuting, Lahore being the foremost to mention. So hitting these roads will be another satisfying experience with a driving license. But safety should not be neglected, this is the idea behind DLIMS.

What is DLIMS?

As a part of digitalizing governmental affairs, DLIMS is introduced. Driving License Issuance Management System (DLIMS) overviews the network of issuing driving licenses in Punjab. By digitalization, useful statistics can be used for better future planning. It is a centralized network of issuing, renewing, and upgrading driver’s licenses, operating only in Punjab.

License Category at DLIMS

Application for the listed Licenses requires applicants to be above the age of 18. For any of the desired licenses, the process is quite simple. You just have to download the application form, print it out, fill it up and submit it at the nearest licensing center without any hurdle. You will be asked to visit again bringing all the required documents for a physical driving test only if you are applying for the first time. Categories for licenses are:

  • Learner’s Permit
  • Permanent License
  • International License
  • Duplicate License

Learner’s Permit

A learner’s permit is a document that should be acquired if you are learning to drive or ride. People taking driving classes must obtain this document prior to using public roads, even if they are learning. For personal means including a car or motorcycle, the age limit is set to be 18 years. While if you are applying for commercial purposes including rickshaw, taxi, tractors, etc. the limit stands to be 21 years. Learner permits are easily attainable on daily basis are valid for up to 6 months.

Permanent Driving License

Now that you are trained enough to roll on roads, you must get a Permanent License. You can apply for a Permanent License while on a Learner’s permit. If you are exceptionally good, you still have to wait for 6 weeks after Learner’s permit issuance. But make sure to apply within the Learner permit’s validity. A permanent License is the very basic document that justifies your use of public roads. There are several documents which should be taken with you when you apply for it. 

The noteworthy documents are a recent Medical certificate and a valid Learner’s permit.

International driving license

International Driving License

Unlike Permanent Driving License, an International driving license helps you drive on roads of other countries. Only if those countries have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the government of Pakistan, known as IDP/IDL. To date, up to 132 countries allow you to drive with this driving license. This application requires several attested documents.

Noteworthy documents are a Valid Pakistani Passport and a Valid Driving license, original documents should be taken on submission.

Duplicate License

In case of theft or loss, a duplicate license should be obtained. DLIMs also regulate to issue of duplicate licenses. In such cases, one should immediately report an FIR of loss. For the issuance you should bring the computerized report which shows the date of expiry, it can be obtained from the submission office. 

The noteworthy document is the copy of the FIR from the Police Station. 

Further information can easily be found on the website of DLIMS. In case you need immediate assistance their customer support contacts will respond to you. The information for the contact support are;

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