Leh Ladakh | First Choice for Trekking and Bike Trips


Ladakh is famous for everything that is adventurous and close to nature in a pack! From the serene environment, unbelievable vistas, historical places to the rich Buddhist culture, and Leh is the largest town of the union territory of Ladakh, India. Trekking and bike trips are the top two adventurous activities among many others which can be taken up as a challenge by travellers. Zanskar river, near a small district in Kargil, 105 km distance from Leh and in the eastern section of Ladakh is popular as one of the best places in India to take up with friends. It freezes through January and December, daring the thrill chasers to raft in or walk on it during the summers and winter seasons respectively, and this makes up for a trek that is well-travelled here is- the Chadar Trek. Some other treks to be done at Leh Ladakh are- Markha Valley Trek, Ripchar Valley Trek, Padum to Darcha Trek, Frozen River Trek.

Leh–Manali road trip is a once in a lifetime journey to be covered if you are an experienced rider and wish to go for something different from the monotonous amidst majestic snow-capped mountains, clear rivers, pleasing weather and beautiful landscapes offering pleasing views. 

Some of the best-recommended destinations to be explored at Leh Ladakh are Pangong Lake, Magnetic Hill, Nubra Valley, Sanchi Stupa, Lamayuru Monastery, Shey Monastery and Khardung La.

Leh Ladakh beholds quite interesting and thrilling adventure activities, some of which shouldn’t be missed out on are- hiking, bike tours, rafting on the Indus, and camping. Yes, if you are lucky you might catch a glimpse of a snow leopard, too! The most recommended time to plan a trip to Ladakh is from June to September.

Here are some of the best things to do in Leh Ladakh to get you started~

The Jeep Safari

Ladakh embraces breath-taking beauty offering the best jeep safari experience, unlike any other place. Just sit where you are and the jeep will do the job to move around while you can capture some of the best shots and enjoy yourself. Here, you also get to enjoy the thrill of the famous magnetic hill.

Wondrous Cycling

Cycling in Ladakh is full of irregular terrains and uncertainties in the climate can get the screams of the faint-hearted. A riding enthusiast can get the best of their riding experience here with the most intensifying one from Manali to Khardungla Pass to find yourself in the green landscape of the region. For this, you also need a technically perfect cycle with experience.

Motor Biking

Motor Biking, mostly popular among men, is a journey best defined as one that skyrockets the adventure quotient. More and more motorcycle enthusiasts are now looking forward to Ladakh’s grand and fascinating destinations which are gaining popularity for such thrilling sports. You don’t have to do much, get started with getting your bike ready, travel to Leh Ladakh and then simply lose yourself to wander on your wheel. The famous destinations to travel by bike in Ladakh are Jispa, Tso Kar Lake, Nubra Valley, Khardungla Pass and Pangong Lake.

Attend Festivals Of Leh

Ladakh enfolds several rich and unique festivals celebrated lively by the monks and local inhabitants, and these festivals are scheduled as per the Buddhist calendar. To explore, observe and learn the colourful culture, you must go ahead and participate in the Hemis festival and Ladakh festival, them being one of the most famous things to do in Leh.

Hemis Festival is celebrated to honour the birth of the Guru Padmasambhava who is the founder of Tantric Buddhism in Tibet. This festival is observed annually in June or July. Another major festival is the Losar Festival that is marked in the 11th month according to the Tibetan calendar, 2 months ahead of the New year. And last but not the least, Ladakh Festival, which is celebrated during the opening weeks of September and is a unique and entrancing festival that includes impressive ceremonial costumes and amazing mask dances paraded by troupes along the lanes of Leh. Everything sounds so wonderful, doesn’t it?

Shopping At Leh

Visiting the local market of Leh and shopping is a must-to-do thing in Leh Ladakh to connect and communicate with the locals, learn about culture, traditions and customs. Also, to pack some souvenirs with some unforgettable memories. Get your hands on some unique items like semi-precious stones, pearls, tribal jewellery, organic products and local handicrafts. This turns out to be a whole new fun experience. Purchase Pashmina Shawl made up of cashmere wool which is taken from pashmina or changthangi goat. These shawls are absolutely elegant, graceful, beautiful and fine, to say the least. 

A spiritual item to get from the market of Leh is Prayer Wheels, a spiritual item, consisting of a cylindrical wheel positioned on a spindle made up of coarse cotton, Leather, stone, wood and metal. Another item to must purchase is Buddhist Relics and it is believed that these relics that are original parts of lord Buddha’s body still exist including the sacred relic of his tooth. Now, that’s quite intriguing.

Which thing do you found the best to start your exploration in Leh Ladakh?

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