What are the Alternatives to Facial Hair Transplant?

A facial hair transplant is a procedure you can use to restore hair in the face area where you are experiencing thinning or where the hair has not grown. The common areas are beards, cheeks, sideburns, etc. You can also decide to undergo a facial hair transplant to cover the acne, scars, and many more kinds of facial scars.
The facial hair transplant procedure helps one achieve their own desired look, which they have been longing for. For instance, the beard transplant is the best facial hair restoration for people who have lost their hair in accidents or for those who cannot grow their hair due to genetics.

Many people always choose to go for a facial hair transplant because;

1. There is no minor scarring

The procedure does not lead to any scars, especially if you choose a suitable method like follicular unit extraction ( FUE). You will not experience any imperfections either at the donor or recipient site. Hence no one can notice that you underwent a beard transplant.

2. The results are always permanent and flexible

For example, if you go for a beard transplant, you will obtain permanent results after an entire recovery period. Also, you can shape, cut, dye, or out any style of your desire. It is because the hair usually looks natural and very healthy.

3. It does not involve any pain during and after the procedure.

The fact that facial hair transplant works in a small area of incisions makes you not feel any pain during the procedure. The doctors will also give you some painkillers to help you out in any pain after the procedure. Also, you can just rest for a day or two after the process before you go back to your regular daily routine.

4. It has a faster recovery period

Most people do not like something that causes discomfort to their bodies. It is why many choose to go for a facial hair transplant because of the faster healing period. You will be able to obtain results at a quicker rate, and you will also heal faster.

Alternatives to facial hair transplant

Although beard transplant has remained the best option for restoring facial hair, there are some alternatives that you can also use. The other procedures to consider are like;

  • Micro-blading is a procedure that uses semi-permanent ink to grow hair-like steaks at the face or beard area. The results from this procedure are always natural but temporary. However, you cannot be able to change the results before they vanish.
  • Facial micro pigmentation is a facial hair transplant procedure that involves the application of the pigments to the epidermal layer in the face area. It usually looks like natural hair follicles. The results can last for four to six years before it starts fading off.

Summing up

Deciding to undergo a facial hair transplant can benefit you, especially if you struggle to grow hair on your face. You may also be suffering from hair loss as a result of genetics. However, it would be best if you did not worry anymore because advancements in technology have made it possible for you to have facial hair like on the beard area.

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