Which Communication Channels Should Be Used for Business Purposes

Communication channels are the mediums using which you can send messages to your audience. For example, email, phone calls, messages, video conferencing etc., are all communication mediums. In a business, communication channels help information flow effectively. Suppose that the communication channels are down. Both customers and officials will remain misinformed about happenings of the company. On the contrary, effective communication channels help increase the productivity of your business. They also help in the making of good decisions as a team. Communication channels are classified as oral and written communications. These two can be further subdivided into formal, informal, or unofficial.

Oral Communication

This type of communication depends on spoken words. This is the richest medium of communication. It includes face-to-face communication, video conferencing, group presentations, speeches, or lectures. They give immediate feedback to the sender/presenter. They are the most hectic channels due to involvement of a large number of people. Oral channels are useful when there is a high likelihood of the message creating anxiety within the audience.

Oral communications are also useful when a company wants to introduce a new policy. Senior managers of the company orally deliver messages. This is because they don’t have time to go out for conveying the policy to each employee. Oral communication channels include the following types;

Video Conferencing:

Video conferencing has become a vital part of today’s business communications. In the times of Covid-19 pandemic, video conferencing became highly important. There is no restriction to be present physically at the conference. You can join it from any part of the world. These could be one-to-one catch-ups, or those involving hundreds of people.

This channel came to the forefront in COVID-19, when social distancing was mandatory. It helped healthcare professionals in examining the patients remotely. It enabled academic institutions to conduct classes online. Video conferencing also helped government officials in making decisions about lockdowns.

Video conferencing is effective when you want to make strategic decisions with your remote team.

Phone Calls:

Besides video conferencing, a phone call is also a great way of communication. It helps in communicating issues, and getting answers quickly. A voice call is also convenient to use when you don’t need visuals to deliver the message. Additionally, if a person is unavailable, you can leave a voice message. This can be listened to later on by that person. But phone calls can be expensive. It’s because they use local phone lines to transfer your call.

Group Presentations:

Group presentations are also a great way to communicate things. Like in an academic presentation, a group explains the task provided to them. And the whole class listens to it. So in this way, they are communicating. If we talk about business communication, this could be about a policy change made by the company.

For example, if a company wants to increase its production, it may increase the shift timings. This is a change in the company’s policy. And to explain this change, the production manager can make a presentation. It can be used to explain new policy to the staff.

Written Communication

According to a dissertation help firm, written communication includes emails, letters, messaging, newsletters, and reports. Although email is an electronic means, it is a digitally written form of communication. In written communications, the writer must provide enough information. This should be ensured so that readers can understand context of the message.

Written communication is effective when transferring a large amount of information. As a human, no one cannot absorb so much data at once. Written information allows the reader to read it in the free time. Formal written communication includes job offer letters, contracts, budgets, and proposals. These are usually used within the business settings.


Email stands out the most among all written communication channels. It is the most widely used form of written communication in the modern era. Everyone uses email for increased benefit. Businesses use this channel if they are an international brand. It helps them communicate in a faster way. This is with comparison to sending letters by courier.

Composition of an email is also very easy. You can send your message in mere seconds. It also provides you with the opportunity to track them later. You can use this channel when you want to keep a record of the communication. Businesses can also use this to deliver sensitive documents.

Instant Messaging:

Instant, or team messaging is useful for direct communication between teams. You get notified right away when someone sends you a message. You can also reply to a person in seconds. Some messaging channels like Basecamp even let you share files, and create tasks.

Sometimes instant messaging channels can get noisy. This is because of multiple incoming messages. To get rid of this, you can customise your notification settings. This is an informal way of communication. You can use this to collaborate quickly on a project. You can get some informal guide through it as well.

SMS Texting:

SMS texting might be the best way to communicate if your teammate is often away from his table. You don’t need an internet connection to send, and receive messages. You can also record your communication. This can be done so that you can send, and receive the message without being disturbed. You don’t need to log in, or browse something for this.

Electronic Communications:

Businesses also use social media and blogs to communicate with their customers. Electronic communications allow messages to be sent globally in an instant. People can talk face-to-face no matter where they are.

One form of this is marketing and advertising. Business units can communicate easily with their customers through this. Although it is widespread, these communication channels could also be risky. In 2006, the data of many large corporations was stolen, and hacked.

But one can also save time and money using this mode of communication. It allows instant exchange of feedback as customers leave their reviews.

The tools which can be used for electronic communication are as follows;

  • Social media
  • Blogs
  • Facebook pages etc.

This is no doubt that this is the fastest way of communicating things. But sometimes, it’s risky due to the hacking threats as well.

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