Top 10 Creeper Plants to Use in Your Home Decor

Similarly to their namesake, creeper plants are plants that grow in a downward fashion toward the ground. It is possible to grow them in pots as well as on walls because they are so versatile. Creeper plants appear to be crawling at their base during their growth, giving the impression that they are encircling the plant. In contrast to the others, these plants have a horizontal development pattern because they have a weak stem that is incapable of supporting the weight of the plant and standing upright. Combining artificial creepers and flowers indoors is a terrific idea, and they look stunning behind hanging baskets and shelves, which is very useful for tiny areas.

They are frequently used to decorate office reception rooms, hotels, malls, home doors, and the main entrances to homes and businesses. This article will discuss the top ten creeper plants online to beautify your home, which you can read more about here.

Blue flowers

It blooms continuously throughout the year and produces exquisite blue flowers. This creeper is beneficial in the reduction of pain, oedema, and other symptoms. According to Vastu, Planting Aparajita in your home ensures that you will never have financial difficulty in your home.


Bougainvillaea is well-known for its ornamental qualities. These blooms can be seen in almost every Indian home because they are straightforward to grow and are unquestionably one of the fastest-growing creeper plants in the country. They are simple to maintain and may completely transform the appearance of your home.


His creeper bears tiny white flowers and does not grow to great heights; yet (1 to 2 m). All through the year, it is covered in flowers. It can be educated to create a shape by attaching it to an aluminium wire and training it. Bring this online plant delivery in Kanpur home with you or give it a gift to your loved ones as a mark of your affection on any occasion.

Jasmine star 

Jasmine is a favourite of those who enjoy scented gardenias with lots of lovely dashes of white thrown in here and there for good measure. Jasmine flowers grow best in full sun if the soil is well-drained and plenty of organic fertilisers are available. These plants can transform even the most basic of gardens into a work of art with a bit of tender loving care and regular watering.


This creeper has the potential to reach a height of approximately 50 feet. When the green leaves initially appear, they have a crimson tinge because they have five leaflets. Ivy, in contrast to other vines that require support, may be grown on its own. It proliferates and blooms from June to August when the weather is pleasant.

Morning Glory 

This plant’s lovely, stunning blue and trumpet-like blossoms are the reason why it is so popular among people of all ages and backgrounds! It will not demand much of your time or attention. The creeper can be hung on the walls and doors of your home to add a decorative touch.


Is it possible that someone brought a paintbrush? A line of yellow paint has been sprayed down the centre of this magnificent creeper plant, giving it the appearance that someone has painted a line through it. It is, without a doubt, a work of art.

Curtain creeper 

In India, the curtain creeper plant, also known as the curtain vine, is produced specifically for its ability to produce gallery-like curtains and to display beautiful green on the wall, among other things.

Passiflora incarnata

This creeper vine is also known as a passionflower. They come in a wide range of colours. Purple can be found in nearly 500 different species, including creeping plants that grow rapidly in the environment. If you like, you can include it in your house’s design.


When growing as a garden vine, the aromatic herb produces the most fragrant results. Low care, easy to cultivate, and remarkably hardy characteristics distinguish these plants as favourites in Indian households. Even though they don’t require any particular care, growing them outdoors is preferable because they demand full sun and well-draining soil.
Your home or office will undoubtedly take on the appearance of an actual indoor forest when you have added more plants to your collection. Put your artificial creepers for walls in hanging baskets and allow your indoor creeper plants to crawl along the bookshelf to create a unique indoor vine wall. Buy indoor Plants online for your home are delivered online from a reputable plant nursery.

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