I installed pavucontrol and now my sound works. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. PCI Soundcards installed in the system!! Alexandre Rosenfeld airmind wrote on Modprobe options Sound related!! This also seems to affect my SB Live!

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Invitation to connect on LinkedIn My PC is a custom built system from dinopc: I have wiped out the previous install with Wubiand can safely dual boot from winblows 7 or into Ubuntu Or try this prepared driver: I installed pavucontrol and now my sound works.

Apologies if it has reached you inappropriately; please just reply to this message indicating so. Sorry to hear that, I do know that I am now experiencing problems similar to yours, and they improved somewhat when I updated the ALSA stuff, have you tried setting the output to OSS to see if it is any better? My sincere thanks to wildmanne39 and praseodym for your help.


WolphFang mjoyner-vbservices wrote on As a result this bug is being closed. Alexandre Rosenfeld airmind wrote on That’s what is so good about the Linux community – helping one another. I’m trying to get my install of Ubuntu Superabundance of jollity to follow! Mon Apr 13 Duplicates of this bug Bug To post a comment you must log in.

Bug#512507: marked as done (HP Compaq dx2450 Testing-AMD64 inst.-report)

Best wishes from England! Email me about changes to this bug report.

Thanks for your help in advance! Modprobe options Sound related!!

[SOLVED] Addon wireless card failure [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

To reopen the bug, click on the current status under the Status column and change the status back to “New”. I suppose this will be fine until the next distro upgrade? Brian Murray brian-murray on Hi, I’d be grateful for any help to get online. Soundcards recognised by ALSA!!

I uploaded a small piece of an audio, so u can hear the problem. Download full text 5. If the issue remains, click on the current status under the Status column and change the status back to “New”.


#98 (no sound with Realtec 10def0) – UNIAUD

This one is from an amarok run which complains that the card is broken. Jeremy Foshee jeremyfoshee wrote on Hi, here is a link with directions. Please let us know if this issue remains in the current Ubuntu release, http: SLAVE manzur manzur- desktop: Thnk you for your time in advance: The following is from running pulseadio -v after killing pulseaudio –start This is from an audacious run: