Anyways, thanks for the suggestion. I’m torn between that or a full blown digital mixer like the Behringer X 16 air. Reply Contact Works fine here Symp 7 connected with a midisport 2×2 usb box from meridien days. At khz, that’s 0. It has a built in sd card recorder and bluetooth PLUS a multi channel usb interface. All 16 inputs together, in the same box, and I don’t have to worry about it. Studio Vheissu I recently started to use a Behringer X and it works fine as an audio card so long as you don’t need more than

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I would imagine the pres are as good as a uusb, but average digital mixer. The cost point for ever-higher input channel counts and a nice set of effects in a mixer has now solidly stepped into the range of traditional interfaces. That is an important and very solid reason to go for a system that has enough inputs.

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You can freely mix and match ADAT devices with any hardware. For your channel drum setup, if 8 channels of the drum set come in via ADAT and 2 channels of the drum set come in via the native microphone ports of the 011v, then it’s as if the ADAT-connected microphones are slightly further away. I can set up a project in less than a minute and be recording an idea. Beyond that, they are pretty 0v to identical units with different branding. Yeah, I did not expect that at all.


Grant Bunter Accept the fact that airtight and well-braced are more important than pretty on the inside. Uxb you pick and choose correctly I’m taking that you can make a very functional remote control surface. View More Photo Galleries.

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So I need the sounds of these instruments to be very consistent so it doesn’t change throughout the song. Yeah I could do that I just assumed all these boxes were wildly different. Expansions for VST Instruments. All 16 inputs together, in the same box, and I don’t have to worry about it.

Yes, you’d probably be happier with physical controls or with using the PC-based control functions also supported. I’m 01b really a Presonus fanboy.

Yamaha 01V

As I mentioned in previous posts about the two boxes for which I had firm numbers, the ‘slowest’ box I have is the Audient ASP at 39 samples. Studio Vheissu Max Output Level: Now keep in mind I am basing this from the various things I have read on some other forums. My thing is to see how Studio Manager works through a laptop, wireless to an old version O1V.

It has a firewire option card and delivers all 16 tracks to the DAW, including 2 more main out tracks. I’ve been thinking about this same thing lately.

I see it this way.

Yamaha 01v 16-channel Digital Mixing Console &

Anyways, thanks for ksb suggestion. The X32 is still a strong contender. The remaining ASIO latency of the audio interface works as normal, and the ADAT device is not independently visible; it’s just an expansion of the number of available inputs and sometimes outputs as seen by the DAW. And that’s great, if so.


It sounds like it’s important to be sure the latency of the expansion is the same as the native 01f – so if they are the same make and model, paired up via ADAT then it doesn’t sound like there would be any issues, really. But if the expansion is some other brand and model, therefore different circuitry and processing times, than the native interface, then I could run into issues, I’m assuming.

Depends on whether or not I get some Alpha 6 drivers in this week. I just un-mute the channels associated with whatever instrument I’m recording.

Reply Contact Works fine here Symp 7 connected with a midisport 2×2 usb box from meridien days. Another double click on the “Setup. I have it hooked up through a midi cable to my Mac but ush following all the instructions in various MC manuals I can’t get the remote faders to work.