Add Adventure to Your Travels

People travel for many reasons, vacations, business, holidays, special events and a myriad of other reasons. Traveling is fun and exciting. However, when you travel, there will always be some downtime. Time not covered by your itinerary can be a perfect time to go geocaching. Goecaching can take over your downtime and if you are not careful, your entire trip!

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching the modern day Internet game will give you a challenge of looking for objects hidden. The object of geocaching is similar to the old fashion game of scavenger hunting. The main part of the game is to say, “I found it.” It is designed to get you out and have fun. Getting you to see places and views you never knew existed. Plus, it is an excellent game the whole family can enjoy.

Some Basic Rules to Geocaching

The game is designed to have fun and adventure. Therefore, there are no hard and fast rules. You will find the rules are really only guidelines. Here are some of the basics.

  1. Take Something, Leave Something – Once you find the cache you are looking for there may be objects for ripe for trading. Take a souvenir if you like, but leave something too. When you leave something, make sure it is equal or greater value than what you took.
  2. Sign the logbook – Signing the logbook will let the person hosting the cache know who found it and when. When they take it down, the person who hosted the cache will have a souvenir for their participation.
  3. Cache in Trash out (CITO) – When you go caching, you will find the beauty of the land. Keep the land beautiful by taking out some trash you might find around the cache.
  4. Log Your Adventure Online – Go online and make comments about the fun you had. If you didn’t find it, let the host know. The host will check to see if it was moved or stolen (muggled).
  5. Learn the Caching language – There is a language of caching that you will pick up and thus transferring you from a beginner to a expert over time. The language will help guide you through your caching experience. Terms such as muggled, skirt lifting, and PNG run rampant and you will need to know what they mean.
  6. Log on before you go out – is a popular sight and will get you going. The sight will give you sights around the world to find you hidden treasures.

Now that you know the basics, go online, get started an